Saturday, January 31, 2009

wii fit...and finding one

i asked for two things this christmas...
a wii fit
a new cell phone case

well, one out of two isn't bad! anyway, i have been in search ever since for a wii fit. every store on this planet that has the wii fit, is def out of stock! i have been stalking and going to the aisle at target incessantly to get my wii fit.

finally, i found the easy's called wii fit tracker. i watched the site for only a few hours and found that had 10 wii fit's in stock...i logged into my amazon account, dumped that little wii fit baby into my shopping cart...and hit checkout. in 10 seconds, i was buying the last wii fit in stock. {i think they may have add the wii fit buying experience to the next olympic games}

$89 with free supersaver shipping...and it's delivered to my door so i don't have to deal with all the stinking snow on the ground. {if you don't have snow...well, i'm jealous}

so if you are still dreaming of a wii fit, go on over and check out wii fit tracker.

then, get your hula hooping self on the board and get wii fit!
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  1. Am I the LAST person on the planet not to have a Wii or a Wii Fit????? Sounds really fun, though!


  2. My kids love the WII and the active games!!! We do not have one... yet.. maybe for Easter!

  3. Great strategy!! I've been coveting a Wii Fit ever since that wonderful Santa Claus brought my kids a Wii. Have Fun!

  4. Great Tip! Oh, and you will love the Wii Fit, it kicks butt! It's a great work out, yet it's fun.....



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