Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Save More, Spend Less

Once Again Meme has challenged us all to reach into ourselves and pull out the best we have to offer each other, so I got to thinking what is foremost on all our minds? Well, the Economy seems to keep rearing it's ugly head, what can you do for your family?

Think of 2009 as back to basic's , even if you can't seem to bring yourself to set a budget at least know where your money is going. Decrease your debt and find your inner thrift.

. Pay less interest, contact your credit card company's and ask to have your interest rate lowered.

. Track you spending for one month, it's easier to trim your expenses once you know where your money is going.

. Quit comparing yourself to what others have, and be thankful for what you do have.

. Try out , Use sites that comparison shop for you, it saves time and money. Be sure to ask you local store to match advertised sales prices.

. Spend less than you make, it's that simple



  1. I am so with you! I think if we all adopt this mind set...We can slowly get back on track! We need to stop worrying what the Jones' have and worry less about what we don't have and find inner strength to move forward and to grow as human being....!!! If you all don't know Cathleen and I have become very close...It was an instant friendship with blog land and it feels as though we were friends forever...I look up to her and I am in ahh of her spirit and talent! :) Great first post, my dear friend! Make sure to check Cathleen's blog out...She is an Interior Designer and has a lot of knowledge in many areas of design!!! You'll learn a lot from her blog! Love ya, Meme

  2. Great post, Cathleen, and information we all need to hear and put in to practice consistently! (well, I guess I can only speak for myself here...)

  3. I agree! Especially with comparing yourself to others and finding bargains. Great post.

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