Thursday, January 29, 2009

Accessory Swap...How Fun!

Thinking about your wardrobe lately? Here is a fun way to change up your closet without spending any money!
You may have heard about clothing swaps... Everyone brings some good-condition items they no longer wear, and leaves with "new to them" items.... It’s fun...but even better...It's FREE! The only problem is....if your friends all don't wear the same makes it hard.... But with an accessory swap...all your girlfriends, in all their beautiful sizes...can participate!

Here is a link to get your mind thinking about a accessory swap...:)

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  1. i love this of my friends in another state did this recently and had a great time! the prob for me...none of my friends wear any jewelry. i'm looking for new friends now! ha! anyone wanna join me?


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