Thursday, April 16, 2009

What Makes You Feel Beautiful?

What makes you feel beautiful?

Have you ever thought about that question? It seems to be a simple question...But really...It is something that makes you ponder...

So, We want to know...What makes you feel beautiful?...

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  1. I love the quote in the first picture. That is sooo true. If you are taking good care of yourself, then you are your best self. We need to accept who we are and how God made us.

    I always feel beautiful when I wear makeup. I work out alot and there are MANY days I don't put any on, but the days I put on lipstick on I just feel better about myself.

  2. Periwinkle, and a certain shade of pink makes me feel....decent. Nothing makes me feel beautiful anymore, but lipstick and eye brow pencil gets me out the door without looking too much like an orge!


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