Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Beauty Of Liquid Eyeliner

Applying eye liner helps to emphasize a woman’s eyes. Whether you use liquid or pencil eyeliner you can easily define your eyes and create a new and more dramatic look. Most women prefer to use pencil eyeliner because it is much easier for them to use...But the liquid eyeliner can awaken the eyes and make them stand out...Okay, now you want to try using liquid eyeliner! :) It can be very difficult to apply it perfectly at first...but with a lot of practice and patience, I promise, you will fall in love with the look of the liquid eyeliner...

What are the benefits of applying liquid eyeliners?

  • frame and defines the eyes

  • give a longer lasting line

  • can change the eyes’ shape

  • great as a fill in for sparse lashes

  • emphasize the lash line

  • deepen the look

  • highlights the shape of the eyes

There is a wide variety of colors and types to help enhance the shape and color of your eyes...So, go out and find a liquid eyeliner to practice with!

Written By Screaming Meme

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  1. Oh, I cannot live without my eyeliner! pencil, liquid or powder doesn't matter to me, just gotta have it!


  2. Oh man, liquid eyeliner is tricky... my hands shake so much that if I screw it up, I screw it up *bad*. By and large I stick to my nice soft pencil. :P But liquid is definitely more fun for a special occasion...


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