Monday, April 27, 2009

grilling time

spring has finally sprung and outdoor grilling season is here!!!

before you start to cook on the grill, it's cleaning time. i know, even the grill needs cleaned...will it ever end?

with the grill off and we go:

no need for the fancy grill cleaning brush, just grab some good old fashioned aluminum foil, bunch it in a ball and start cleaning.

it's a new season, so if you have a gas grill, check your lava rocks and refill them. the lava rocks help regulate the heat and spread it out evenly in the grill for even temps.

before grilling any food, spray the grill racks well with a cooking spray t
o keep the food from sticking and making them easier to clean up the next time.
{wait about 10 minutes before starting the grill to allow the cooking spray to set and not burn right off}
now, go on, get a grilling!!!

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