Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pretty Necessities

Using pretty containers is one way of bringing some beauty to the ho-hum of everyday.

See how much better this dish makes my pot scrubbers look?

I use retro-y glass shakers for my baking soda/salt cleaning scrub – doesn’t hurt that they come from the dollar store.

See these adorable candle holders that Melody gave me in our first swap together?

They hold my bobby pins and other small hair do-dads.

Here’s my little bucket of handkerchiefs.

An ice cream sundae dish makes a perfect soap dish.

Something you may not know – a stationary bike makes an excellent clothes rack.

Yup. Just keepin’ it real.

Stop by the BlueCastle for more fun ideas!


  1. I live the clothes rack, a treadmill works just as well for one. lol The sundae dish for a soap dish. What a great idea, it's deeper than most soap dishes, and comes in fun colors.

  2. so many beauties...and only one momma. hmmmm. guess a few might have to be for me. he he he he....


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