Wednesday, April 22, 2009

quick fix fun

none of us have tons of extra time, so when it comes ot home decor, it has to be quick, and i love it even more when it's easy!

i repainted my toy room from a latte color to this uber fab tiffany-esque blue, but then my chair pad didn't match.
{by request...the paint color is sherwin williams cashmere interior latex flat, blue sky 0063}

enter 1/2 yard of toile fabric from wal-mart {yes, that's what i said}, and a staple gun!

in about 5 minutes i transformed my desk chair into a cutesie little accessory again.  here's how i did it:

remove the 4 screws from under the cushion and remove the seat pad from the chair frame. {listen, this is a simple screwdriver can do this}

place your fabric face down on the floor and place the seat cushion down on top of it.

start in the middle of one side, pull the edge and staple.  then repeat that on the remaining 3 sides.  from there, just start stapling...and remember to not cover up the screw holes to mount the seat base.

when you are done, trim up the fabric and remount the 4 screws and you have a brand new look...and all for less than about $5.  i did my seat for $1.50.

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  1. Great job on the chair. Completely updates the look of the desk.

  2. Cool. I love an easy fix...great job.

  3. Excellent post! They had the audacity to remove all the fabric and most of the cool craft stuff from our super Walmart. I wore a black armband for a month.


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