Wednesday, April 15, 2009

{For the Love of A Before & After}

I don' know about ya'll but I am a sucker for a good ole "Before & After"...pair that with a beach house and MMMMM Mmmmm! You are speaking my language! Preach it! Show me! Give me more! OK, sorry, I get a little out of hand sometimes. But seriously, this is some good stuff! I just had to share.

Every visit my Mother-In Law makes to our house she is never ever without 2 things - homemade cookies and a STACK of magazines for me. Oh how I love that woman. On her last trip she brought me several, one of which being the March issue of Coastal Living. I loved it! I could almost smell the salt air by the time I was finished reading.

They did a feature on a renovated beach house in Georgia. I wanted to share a few highlights....because like I may have mentioned, I love a {Before & After}!

{Beach House Porch Before}

{Beach House Porch After}

{Beach House Kitchen Before}

{Beach House Kitchen After}

{Beach House Living Room Before}

{Beach House Living Room After}

Don't you just love how fresh & fun everything turned out? See what you can do with a little vision? You don't have to be remodeling an entire beach home, or even have a lot of ching-a-ling to have vision. You just have to have the forethought to carry out a plan with a purpose. How much you spend on that plan is up to you. And boy can it be fun!

If you would like to find out more details about this beautiful home and/or product information, just click here.

.:Kacey R.:.

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  1. A big "WOW", followed quickly by "HOLY CRAP!" Now THOSE were some really unbelievable befores and afters!

  2. madly in love...and super duper jealous too. i am dreaming of a kitchen makeover....hmmm. maybe i could be the feature kitchen makeover sometime. he he he he.


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