Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fun for summer for boys!

If you are a mom with a son or sons, you know how frustrating it can be to shop for him. Often times, retail stores carry more choices for girls. How many times have you stood in a kids' boutique or retail store and said "Is this all they carry for boys?". Am I alone in this frustration?! On one of my shopping days out~a sales associate stated "Well, mothers just don't dress their boys well anymore." {Well, some of us do...Right?!}

I just got the new Mini Boden catalogue in the mail, today. I love to look through this fun little catalogue. AND...they offer many choices for boys. Here are just a few of my summer favorites: They have many options and the shirts and shorts/pants mix and match, very well.

Aren't these the fun?!

Mini Boden offers great baby clothing:

These plaid pants are perfect for spring/summer.

A great pant to dress up for a special occasion.
Boden offers several t-shirts with these charming appliques.

And...this sweet little Romper-Adorable!

Of course, Boden offers clothing for girls. And...they are adorable! They also have fabulous women's clothing. Go over to the website and check it out. If you see something that you can't live without, Boden is offering 15 % off with free shipping and free returns to new customers.

Happy Shopping!

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  1. Thanks Marci! How much do I love that green lizard t-shirt?

  2. Oh my goodness...such cute stuff! I miss those sweet little bitty baby boy clothes. My boys are 8 and 10. They don't want me to dress them!

  3. Love this! Thank you so much for this! I'm always looking for ideas for my little boy.


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