Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The El Natural Easter Egg...

How fun is this! Using nature to decorate our Easter eggs! I love using things from nature to make my holidays more special!

Naturally dyed Easter eggs~
• White table vinegar
• Coffee grinds (or anything that will stain, like berries)

Instructions for natural dyes:
1. In a medium pot, add one cup of water for every handful of dyestuff (for coffee and blue berries, I did one heaping tablespoon).
2. Boil the mixture until you like the colour obtained, but keep in mind that the eggs will be lighter than the liquid. If you want darker eggs, let the mixture boil longer.
3. When you like the colour, strain the liquid and put in to a glass jar or cup. Add 2-3 teaspoons of white table vinegar for every cup of dye.
4. Put the egg into the dye. The egg should be completely submerged. Be careful, as the jar will be hot.
5. Let sit for as long as necessary to obtain the desired colour. NOTE: I left both eggs overnight.
6. Remove eggs from liquid (NOTE: I use a slotted spoon to scoop them out). Be careful, as the colour can rub off. Gently place upright to dry (this will seal the colour).

I would refrigerate the eggs you are going to leave overnight...if you want to eat them! :) ~ Screaming Meme

Source Chatalaine & picture by Woodley Wonderworks

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  1. Meme, thanks so much for posting this! I'm so excited to try natural dyes.

  2. This is so much more me than traditional colors of eggs. Thanks for the post!


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