Wednesday, April 1, 2009

{Easy & Refreshing Spring Updates}! I don't know about you, but every time Spring time draws near I feel a restlessness come on. My poor husband. I create lists of ideas for projects, I want to rearrange furniture, I want to paint and add color....oh the options are endless!

So for my first post here at Project {Create A Home} I thought I would share some lovely pictures and ideas for realistic updates. I try to keep things real. Don't get me wrong though, I'd love do some big fancy re-do but do I have the time or the budget? Hmmm, I'm not thinkin' so. ;D

Here are a few fun things to get your Spring time project lists going...

I love color. I'm working at incorporating more of it into my home. Do you have any current pieces that serve a great purpose but have grown a little boring? Just pick a fun paint color and Voila! You have a brand new piece.

When I came across this idea I literally gasped and thought "why have I not thought of that?" And while I'm not going to run and do this to my dining room chairs, I thought it would be a perfect update for our play table & chairs. Too much fun!

I am on the hunt for an ornate mirror like this for my bedroom. I love the idea of painting it a fun punchy color and then making it serve a purpose like a pin board or chalk board.

I have this exact chandelier in my dining room - standard builder grade. How cool to spice it up with a little stencil and paint! It wouldn't even take terribly long to do and would add a pizazz to a borderline boring fixture.

All of the {gorgeous photos} featured are from Better Homes & Gardens. Aren't they just the best? You can click here to get all of the juicy details on how to accomplish all of the projects I mentions. I feel refreshed after just talking about all of these fun projects! So as I get my project list together and figure out which new paint I need and which piece of furniture will be my next victim, what will you be doing? Have any new update plans for Spring?

Make today a great day ya'll! If you want to come on over to my personal blog for a visit, please do!

Kacey R.

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  1. Hi there! those ornate mirrors I believe are from Ikea, they come in black so they must have painted the blue one. love the post!

  2. It's a frame, not a mirror. Here is the link.

    would be great to paint the middle with blackboard paint. Recently at Michael's craft store i saw that they sell small containers of colored chalk paint. hugs from nancy of Conroe TX!

  3. Great post, Kacey! My favorite ideas are painting the furniture and using chalkboard paint on the back of the chair - that is genius!
    I'll be checking out your blog later today.

  4. I love htis post! The pictures are so inspiring! Now where is my chalkboard paint? :)

  5. Yes, loving those pictures my friend! I keep seeing all of these white kitchens and I really want to make mine WHITE!!! This would mean a whole lot of priming, painting and sanding...hmmm. Love ya girl and thanks for the information.

  6. Hey girl, fancy meeting you over here. I'll clap with you on the clapboard! I have always loved it and it screams beachy to me. I wish I could find a place to put some clapboard accents in my house or a new hubs who would like it as much as I do :) I kid. I really admire people who go for all the color too. Hubs is a neutral type of guy. I am glad I at least got 2 red pillows in my living room for a little punchiness. Great post girl, you're the right woman for the job!

  7. P.S. I so read both posts above thinking they were one. Ooops. But it's ALL good!!!!!

  8. You didn't disappoint! Great post! I am so going to paint the back of my playroom chairs with chalkboard paint. By my chairs I really mean my mother's until I have my own playroom someday.

    Do you know they actually sell magnet board paint too? Wouldn't that be fun inside those frames!? I can just see gluing ornate vintage buttons to magnets and posting all those fun springtime lists!

  9. I'm loving it all! So glad I found you. Very cute inspired.


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