Monday, March 29, 2010

it's sunny outside...let's get gardening!

it's finally spring...the yard is greening up and flowers are starting to show themselves.  when i look outside, i see some remnants of winter...and the yard needs a refresher!

here's a few tips on what to do the beginning of spring, in your yard.

clean raking away the dead leaves and stems and branches leftover from the fall and winter.

patch...reseed and patch bare spots in the yard.

move 'em's the perfect time of year to move your shrubs around before the leaves start to bud.

don't get too overzealous...don't cut shrubs back and move any winter mulch away until the temperatures are stable and warmer.

cut back any perennials that have dead foliage on them from the winter.

have a rose?  prune those bushes and vines back before they start to leaf out.

no roses, but a dog?  it's been a long winter...grab the pooper scooper and de-fertilize the yard before the playing outside begins.

and...schedule or do your routine mower maintenance.  or, make sure to call the neighborhood lawn boy to get on schedule!

happy spring!

danyele @ a thorn among roses
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