Tuesday, March 2, 2010

fab finds for you!!!

it's time to look around for a few little cute things for...you!

a little bling never disappoints...this hand hammered disc pendant is so gorgeous and simple yet elegant! from karina grace designer jewelry for only $34.

it's coming quickly upon spring and a new coin purse is just what the doctor ordered for getting over the long winter blues! only $23 from oktak.
for those of you with kiddos...these note cards from sara tams are super fab! i love them so much. the silhouettes are stunning and offered in a variety of well, about anything gorgeous!  water bottles, calling cards, stickers, and other custom made items are just part of the deal at both of her websites too!  so get on over to HERE.
a super cute mini journal for you to jot down your thoughts or to-do's. if i have to have a list, i want a pretty one for sure. and this rhubarb bird cage mini journal from a punkin card company totally fits the bill...and for only $6!
who doesn't need a little pampering? start off with a sensational cocoa butter hand scrub and moisturizer from anayansi at bella honey body care! and all that for a mere $3 {normally $4, but mention PCAH and you get the $1 off deal}!
i asked anayansi how she got started? turns out it was for fun...and then her fam and friends loved the products! before she knew it, she stared bellahoney body care.
her scrubs are not buried in oils as they are made with shea butter or cocoa butter which is GREAT for the skin!
take her up on that $1 off offer...i'm sure you won't be disappointed! bella honey body care offers many other custom made items as well.

who doesn't want a more than fab new clutch??? this amazing ruffle clutch is to die for from lisa spagnolo...$54...mention PCAH at checkout in your comments, and you get a super fab deal of 20% off!!

who doesn't love a good cupcake? well, then there's almost nothing better than a cupcake shirt bc we all know that cupcakes are cool! this super cute shirt from dressing on the side is cute and only $21...mention PCAH in your order and you can get $5 off your purchase!! that's even better!

i happen to be a major coffee-holic and i refuse to go to treatment...so for those you of java lovers, this shirt is a must have! you guessed it...from dressing on the side for $21...but with the mention of PCAH, don't forget you get the $5 off bargain!

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  1. Love your new colors.
    I have to tell ya, at first glance of the ruffled clutch I thought it was an ottoman! How funny. But it gave me a great idea for my own ottoman!

  2. Thanks for featuring my mini journal!!


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