Friday, March 5, 2010

At Home Vacation?

Vacation @ Home!

So many of us don't have extra money to spend on hotels, airfare, foods or simply gas!

I think we should think "inside the box"...I love having vacations at home...You need to be able to let go and relax...No laundry, No huge meals to have to clean up after...You have to be able to let all the little things go in order to really enjoy the experience....

Here are some "Screaming Good Ideas":
  1. Hire a maid service to come in and wash dishes, make beds, straighten bathrooms, laundry, vacuum etc...It will feel more like a vacation...:) And if you can make a deal with your maid service...have them come in before the vacation starts and do a deep clean...A lot of maid services would be more than happy to work out something for every budget...If you can't afford that...Think about a responsible teenager...:) They always need extra money! {Think about buying chocolate to have the maid put on everyone's pillow...I know...I'm detail oriented;)}
  2. Order in food...Or pick it up...Stock up on snacks that you normally wouldn't eat...Ice Cream, expensive cookies and cupcakes from a local bakery...You are on Vaca, right? ;)
  3. Have a lot of games, magazines, and books to read...If you have kids, make sure to really get down there and PLAY with them...All your attention on them...not the laundry, dishes and what's for dinner...
  4. Get your camera ready...Take a lot of photos...They will mean so much to you down the road!
  5. Rent a lot of movies and a few video games for the kids or "big kids" ;)
  6. Think about hiring a massage therapist to come in and do a chair massage or a full body massage...:)
  7. Check out local hot spots or places you all have never had time to visit...It is fun to find places that you never heard of!
  8. Get fun toiletries...Shampoos, conditioners, bubble bath...Make it like a fancy hotel...Have towels laid out and ready for some splish splash! :)
  9. Think about outdoor games too! Volleyball, horseshoes, rally games, swimming, or laying in a new hammock...:)
  10. OR you could swap houses with a friend or family member...:)
I hope that I have opened your eyes to looking at your home differently...It is important to have fun and be able to relax...even at home!

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