Monday, March 22, 2010


original design...and beauty in a fab necklace too!!!  and miss teresa deleen has offered this fabulous handcrafted...and first first original you, project{create a home} readers for a fab giveaway!!!

yes...i did say FREE!!  and just for you!

here's her words on how this piece came about...
"I’m thrilled to introduce my first line of original designs named ‘Femme’. These pieces were inspired by the divine lines of the female form, the curves and the valleys, the dimples and the swells. The pieces were made to suggest the flow of a woman’s body…to be subtle. I designed these pieces while twirling in my studio with my muse and when I sat with pencil to paper, these are the first lines that flowed. I loved them and stopped sketching straight away so as not to fog my vision. I dropped all other projects I was working on to create this piece that was pouring out of me. It was a delicious experience, one I hope will return often. I carved, I sanded, I fired, I cleaned, I oxidized, I tumbled, I polished……I smiled! 

I name all of my pieces in French. ‘Femme’ means ‘feminine’ in French and it describes the piece perfectly.

you are interested in winning this precious "femme" piece?  well it's simple...
first, go to teresa deleen's studio shop HERE and take a look around. tell me in a comment what your favorite piece is and why...making sure i can get ahold of you if you win with an email addy.

if you want an additional any or all of these{leaving seperate comments for each}:
become a follower of project{create a home}
tweet the giveaway...with a link to this post

giveaway ends 3/25 at midnight EST. winner will be picked using!

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  1. Awesome!! Love it!

    I also love this 'M'. It's classic and can be worn with anything!

  2. Tweet tweet:

  3. I love the hugs & kisses pendant. I always say that to my hubs..."hugs & kisses"!

  4. Very pretty. I love the "Y" necklace - very versatile!

  5. My favorite piece is the Petite l'amour - recycled fine silver letter 'G' Monogram pendant. I love any jewelry that I can customize with my family initials.

    Hugs and Mocha,

  6. I am going to have to go with the vintage typewriter key one. Love it with an A for Abby please!

    ajcmeyer at go dot com

  7. I really like the Hugs & Kisses vintage pendant - very classy!

  8. I am torn between Femme Style No 2 and the Floating Shift vintage key.
    I have loved the Femme Style No. 2 since the first moment I saw it and I still love it because of the east-west design and because of the east west design it just exudes sensuality and femininity, like a woman laying down and relaxing. The floating shift key because I remember learning to type and the floating shift key used to piss me off.

  9. I'm so very flattered and amused by all of you!

  10. I love all the peices but love the femme number 2 and the K, Dontienne - 'Given'. The peices are absolutely beautiful....timely and timeless.


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