Tuesday, May 12, 2009

stinking calories

i hate counting calories...so i just don't do it. the problem is that all the fast food establishments know i won't go to much effort to find out what's going into my bod, so i keep eating that seemingly healthy chicken sandwich thinking it's the best choice on the menu, when often times, it's not.

dietfacts.com is a fab site that lists thousands of restaurants and places you would potentially buy food...even the local 7 eleven and your gas station. or you can search brands for foods you make at home. if it's food, it's probably here. and i'm not gonna lie, it's not so good sometimes!

for instance, movie theater popcorn...you know you love it! and once you start eating, you can't stop. check this label, though:
i'm sorry...did you see that right??? a medium sized butter popcorn popped in coconut oil is 910 calories...holy fatness batman!!!

i tell the kids that knowledge is power, so i guess from now on i need to educate myself a little on my dining choices...soft or hard taco...beef or chicken, etc. there are lots of surprises in there.

forced to grab something quick...sometimes the salad isn't the best choice. crazy but true. the sesame chicken salad at mcdonald's with the low fat dressing is 440 calories while the bbq snack wrap is only 240 calories and if eaten with a bag of apple dippers and no caramel sauce at 35 calories, you are up on the game.
check out dietfacts.com and make informed food choices...and don't forget the drinks too!!

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  1. I needed that. I'm in a diet slump, so a new website might just be what I need. I'm gonna check it out. Thanks:)

  2. Great tip!!!!!! Thank you for the link!

  3. Holy fatness batman!!! LOL!!!


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