Sunday, May 17, 2009

{Party People!}

I have to admit it, it's no secret to those around me or who live with me. I get a little {crazy} when it comes to birthdays. I subscribe to the idea that birthdays are a very big deal. And I mean a VERY big deal.
I'm already thinking about party themes for my Twinkies 2nd birthday which is in September. Please don't judge me. Planning + Organization + a little Craftiness = FABULOUS!!!
So, while it is still a little premature to share some of my party ideas, I thought I would share with you a few birthday hats I made for my dear friend's little twin girls 1st birthday. It is so easy, and you may have most of the supplies on hand.
Here is what you will need:

Craft Foam - Cone Shape
elastic string
scrap fabric
fuzzy trim
pipe cleaners {on a side not, I totally crack up when magazines call them "chenille stems"}
Paint {optional}
Glitter Spray Paint {optional}
Craft Flowers {optional}
Brads/Buttons {optional}
Goldfish or other snack item to bribe small children while you work...or for yourself.

Here is where you start....

I like to get all of my pieces and parts together 1st and then decorate, organization is key party people! I pre-painted these hats hot pink using craft paint. If you decide to work with any type of embellishment, start assembling them if required. I wanted to use craft flowers and a brad to embellish the top of the hat.

Using your craft fabric cut a design you would like - the options are endless! Bugs, cupcakes, numbers, etc. I chose a butterfly.

I drew a butterfly on my fabric, cut it out and then glued ribbon as the body of the butterfly.

Snip the top of the cone shape so that you can thread pipe cleaners through the top of the hat. I chose about 5 pipe cleaners and twisted them together on the bottom so that they do not go completely through the top. You could also use tulle for your Little Princess.
Cut elastic string to size. Staple the string onto the sides of the hat. Keep the staples as close to the bottom of the hat as possible so that you can cover them with your trim. After you have stapled, knot the elastic to ensure it does not slip.

Now, start applying all of your decorative parts and pieces with your craft glue - craft flowers, fabric cut outs, trim, etc.


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  1. love it!!! amazingly simply and cute and fun! love the gold fish tag line...and chenille stems...ha!!!

  2. Those are so fun and fabulous!

  3. Oh this is just darling!!!! LOVE it!!! I too am a huge party planner, so I appreciate your advance planning! Keep sharing those cute ideas! :-)

  4. Oh my those are cute cute cute! My baby girl is getting ready to celebrate her 1st birthday.. sad thing is, she HATES things on her pretties, hats everything :(
    I bought her a party hat but its never gonna work.


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