Friday, May 1, 2009


Okay beautiful ladies ~ all that ON THE GO stuff can wear you down and suck the life right out of you.

Don’t forget to fill yourself back up!

Take care of yourself body, mind, soul and spirit.

~The body~
We all know the whole eat right thing…we know it…we just need to do it!

Bodies are created to move.
I know I know….I can almost hear you through the screen….”Lalena, I’m moving all the time! I’m pooped!”

Mom’s taxi service although busy, just doesn’t give your body the space it needs, but take cheerleading at the soccer game…that works great!

You know its coming…I’m talking about that dreaded word “Exercise”. Its what our bodies crave.

Walking just 20 minutes a day can refresh your body and stir up those endorphins and propel you through the rest of the afternoon.

Bodies also need air.
It may sound simple but when we’re stressed our bodies become tense and our breathing can become shallow. Take just a few minutes a day, walk outside, close your eyes and slowly take a few deep breaths. This will also help with refreshing the mind.

~The mind~
When we get into a rut our brains go stagnant. Fill back up with a few minutes of reading or a crossword puzzle and SUDOKU. (I love that game!) It will help clear out some of that fog between our ears.

Also, remember to smile. I don’t know about you, but my mind races all the time and for some reason the expression on my face looks angry or upset even if I’m not. Remembering to smile will not only stimulate your mind, it also helps the people around you relax!

~The soul~
Surrounding your world with beauty can calm a weary soul.

For some this may require changing your atmosphere, such as letting go of draining relationships or just a trip to the local thrift store with the clutter from that back closet.

As women our tendency is to put ourselves last and I believe our souls take the hardest hit. Something as simple as buying yourself flowers each week can spark you soul and help restore a little joy in your day to day.

Our souls also need to live in the current moment. The mind tends to replay the past or plan the future. Take the time to enjoy right where you happen to land.

Breathe in ~ Breathe out ~ Rest

Your soul will thank you.

~The Spirit~
Personally I find when my faith wanders or I haven’t’ given freely of myself in some sort of service, my spirit grows weary.

People may disagree on religious issues but deep within in all of us, our spirit desires something bigger than ourselves: a knowing, a purpose and a reason for living.

So stop running on empty!
Remembering to fill up isn’t selfish it’s necessary.
We cant give something we don’t have, plain and simple.

~written by Lalena

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  1. Oh Lalena, I really enjoyed this post - perfect for the beginning of the weekend! Thank you so much!


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