Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mod Podge Mad

I used to think Decoupage was some hokey kind of old-lady craft. But, recently, I’ve seen the light. Decoupage is amazing in it’s versatility and the options for creativity with it are endless.

Here’s just a sampling of projects I’ve done lately:

I used fabric for this phone faceplate.


These barn stars were covered with scrapbook paper and then sealed with polyurethane.


This is my house number, once again using scrapbook paper. (You can see more of my $70 front porch makeover here.)


These thrift store cast-offs got a new life thanks to spray-paint, some turquoise beads and decoupaged scrapbook paper.


You can even use decoupage to make signs. I printed off the word “Family” on my computer and then cut it out with a craft knife to make this old light fixture backplate into useable word art.


Once again, I used scrapbook paper to cover this 69cent metal index card box. After sealing it with spray sealant, it is going to be a recipe card box for a new bride.


Decoupage is so much fun! Try it and see what you can create.

You can find more of me and my crazy, cheap decorating ideas over at BlueCastle.


  1. Holy cow, you are creative! I've decoupaged before, but nothing like this!

  2. I love decoupage. I did the backs of my daughter's bookshelves. I did her headboard and I've used scrapbook paper in a lot of my artwork. It's just the best. All your ideas were great!!


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