Friday, February 26, 2010

spring girls!

the baby girls in our lives should look as precious as they are sweet!
dressing up those precious peas is too much here's some super fab finds for spring for our little peas!

well, i think the picture says pretty much everything...a precious pea dressed in a little bunny tutu and bunny ears headband is just about as cute as it gets. the fab set is $28.50 from laurie's tutu boutique or on her website HERE.
laurie also has more gorgeous things available on her website this totally gorgeous angel floral halo for only $12.50! i see portraits in this precious halo!
caterpillars are a sign of spring, right? and i know your little girlie munchkins in your life would love these cuties for their hair!!! one of our fav little shops, mia bambina couture, has these super cute caterpillar hair clippies! and can i just say, "oh my word"!!

there is some uber ruffle-ness going on in this little princess bag! the color and the patterns just shout out spring and your little darlings will jump for joy when they see this perfect easter gift as their basket! this ruffle drawstring purse is handmade by polliwog designs on etsy. and because she is so fab, she is offering PCAH readers a 10% discount on any purchases {that will be refunded through paypal after the transaction is complete}. make sure to mention you came from PCAH and the feature in your comments to get the discount! you want something custom made? see for more options. and you want more deals... you are so needy!  not really...but become a fan on facebook of polliwog designs and get new discounts and sales all the time!
are you feeling the love in that bag or what? well, here's what got it all started...
"After having my 3rd daughter in November 2009 (she's 3 months old now!)... I decided I was not going back to work for a while... Daycare costs are too high, and I need to be with my girls. Thankfully, my husband has a decent job and we were able to swing it... barely.
I started Polliwog Designs in January, so pretty new! Polliwog is my baby's nickname (her name is Molly). Basically, I needed to make a little extra income, and be able to stay with my angels... VOILA!
I can honestly say that my mental health has NEVER been better. I really, truly LOVE making everything I do. I have so many idea's and things I still want to do... I have drawings and lists ALL over the place... my house is SUCH a MESS! I have boxes and boxes of supplies, half completed projects... all over the place. It's like... my brain just doesn't know what to do... CRAFTAPALOOZA ADD!!!"

can you say precious??? well, these ostrich puff feathers and bow headband from the pampered princess shout precious...and shout it loud! oh my word! and with easter being just around the corner, your precious baby girl peas MUST have this headband. my sofia just might be sporting one for sure! are you ready for this...they are only $8.99!! and if pink isn't your color, look around, there's a whole lot more where this one came from!

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