Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Screaming Meme's Easy Organizing Ideas

I love to organize...Well, once I push myself to do it :)...Why do I do that? I think a lot of us are like that. We have so many things we want to do and so little time...Or we have the time, but we overwhelm ourselves with the details...This year, I want it to be different...I don't want to overwhelm myself with the details or put too much on my plate...I want to start one thing at a time and see if that is the key to getting it done...

I think having a plan is the key to anything...I decided that I am going to devote 5 minutes each day to work on one area...until that area is done. We can all find 5 minutes in the day, right?

You found 5 minutes to pop over to this wonderful blog, right? {And thank you so much for that :)}

I always use 3 shopping bags...One for trash, One for charity, and one for things that go in the other room...You simply fill the bags with your jUnK...When the 5 minutes is up you throw the trash away...You put the charity bag in a large bag and place it in the trunk of your car. {Everyday you go out and place another charity bag in that trash bag until it is full...Then you donate it ASAP...}

The stuff in the "other room" bag...I would put it in another large bag and place it in the closet of the room it belongs...until you get to that room...How easy is that?

I want to personally welcome you over to my main squeeze...The Screaming Meme Blog...She's a real kick! And I have a comical NEW blog about my "normal" family...INSANELY going gluten free...This Family's Gone Cracker's...It is sure to leave you in stitches...:)

Glad to be back in Blogland~
Screaming Meme

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