Monday, February 15, 2010

cool keys

even if you don't have all your design projects and re-do's done yet, you can still have an eye catching house key! i have a leopard painted house key that honestly, makes my whole keychain look a little more saucy...and i love it! so why not spice it up a little with some key accessories!

my super awesome and fab SIL, meg, sent along these cuties to paige for christmas this year. not only are they cute, but hilarious! from green head.
there's saucy and retro designs out there too, that is in case you are not a teenager. ;)
still have a little yellow submarine love going on? how about these key blanks available at your hardware store?!
have a little robo love....then these guys just might be for you. has them for under $5.
i'm not gonna lie...this is so simple and so cute, i think it just might be my fav. from statkeys.
head to the store and accessorize that house key! make it look as good as the finished design does in your head! have some fun with it!

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