Sunday, April 4, 2010

super duper food fun!!!

why not have a little food fun all over your house...and not just in your belly?!!

a yummy plate of donuts on your fridge is way less than 4 in your hand...and that's all good for me!!! these polymer clay magnetic sugar babies are handcrafted by e marie creations and will set you back less than the real thing!!!
even with the online recipe databases, there's nothing like a good old fashioned recipe card.  and how will you organize them?  with these uber fab recipe cards and tabs!  i am in love with these and it sure does put my ugly index cards to shame!!!  these are handmade, hand cut and hand drawn from oneCANOEtwo.

you don't you sew?  i love this little pin cushion from  chrissy poo two.  it's a fun sushi platter.  i mean, felt food is fun...and this is for you to play with! woo hooo!

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