Friday, April 30, 2010

mother's day....ahhhh

i love the thought of mother's's better than my birthday and i happened to find a few precious ditties on etsy that are too precious to not pass on!!

what about custom cut silhouette portraits of your kiddos for the wall???  these are to die for!  custom made, framed and ready for you from pretty faces for only $45.

...but since you are a pcah reader, jackie will offer a 20% discount to you.  all you have to do is 20% send jackie a note prior to purchase she will set up a custom listing just for you!!!

persnickety pelican has something cute...while still being snazzy and fun!  potholders...and honestly, mine are almost non-existant...$16 resolves it all!

i love me some coffee...any time of the day and this coffee cozy is cute and useful!  pick your own bead and everything!  $10

i'm a silhouette love moment...and why not a fab pillow for the master bedroom of the whole fam?  soooo cute!  from little pink orchid for $60....and free shipping if you mention the pcah blog in your order!

and because i don't pamper myself with facials, why not some super cute face cloths that make each day a little more special?  these lemon line crochet face cloths from little miss frilly and are only $6.

and if all else fails and you don't get your goodies from the kiddos and hubs, buy it yourself!

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