Monday, April 26, 2010

eating healthier

we all want to make better choices when we dine out...but it's so hard.
i pull up to drive thru and i look at the prices and i just go cheap bc i honestly don't have enough good info to make good choices.

enter healthy dining finder...this site is pretty awesome.
they offer nutrition services, basic nutrition information and the criteria in which they get their information.

honestly, it's a fairly good way to learn quickly about what you can grab on the way out the door.
i searched by zip code and dollar amount and found a few items i hadn't thought of before that were actually good choices.

and if you are interested, you can sign up for newsletter, read the blog and catch up on new things now available.

on relish, i found some fast food drive thru choices that will make you smile:

Here are just a few lunch choices in the 300 to 400 calorie range:

Burger King® BK Veggie without mayo
McDonald's® kid's hamburger with sliced apples without dip
Burger King® TENDERGRILL Chicken Sandwich without sauce
Smoothie King® 20 oz. Angel Food or Light & Fluffy
Wendy’s® Caesar Chicken Salad with 1 packet Caesar dressing and croutons
KFC® Tender Roast® Sandwich or Honey BBQ
McDonald's® Fruit & Walnut snack and low-fat milk
McDonald's® Asian Salad with grilled chicken and low-fat sesame ginger dressing
Wendy's® Chili (large) with Cheddar cheese, no crackers
Panera® kid's Deli Ham (or Turkey or Roast Beef) without cheese and fruit cup

Need a few more calories? These options add up to 500 to 600 calories each:

Chick-Fil-A® Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich, Carrot & Raisin Salad and fruit cup
12" Subway® Turkey Breast, Ham, Roast Beef, Club® with low-fat mayonnaise
KFC® Tender Roast Chicken sandwich without sauce, corn on the cob (small) and BBQ baked beans
Wendy’s® Plain Baked Potato topped with small chili
Boston Market® quarter roasted white chicken (no skin or wing), green beans, steamed vegetables and new potatoes
Fazoli's® small Spaghetti with tomato or meat sauce and breadstick
KFC® Tender Roast chicken sandwich (without sauce), small corn on the cob and BBQ baked beans

well, there are a few choices out there, but education is the up and then make good choices.  i know i am!

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