Tuesday, September 22, 2009

{You Say VAAAAASE, I say Vase}

I want to start a collection of white dishes and vases. When I saw this on Hotstess {With The Mostess} I gasped with delight! I love how simple and elegant it is with a little bit of a vintage funky twist. I WANT it. I NEED it. At $29.95 it isn't out of reach. It is also a great contender for a Hostess gift or a gift for my Mother-In-Law who seems to have everything. LOL

If you're in love with this vase the way I am, you can pick it up at Wrapables. I'm warning you though, if you go over to Wrapables to get the vase, its probably not the only item that will be in your cart. They have a lot of great items!

Happy Shopping!


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  1. i love the white glass...it reminds me of my grandmother's christmas table setting! so pretty!

  2. Love, love this look. I decorated one of my guest rooms totally around this type of milk glass and did a post about it. Great texture and classic design!

  3. Here's the post of my room I mentioned using hobnail milk glass as the inspiration .


  4. Hi, Kacey!
    Please don't spend $29.95 on the milk glass vase from Hostess (with the Mostess). I recently got an identical one (perfect condition- Westmoreland milk glass) on ebay for $4.13+$6.25 s&h!!! There are plenty more that are also priced much cheaper than $29.95.
    Just a heads up! Good luck and I'd love to hear your results!
    Loving your blog,


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