Saturday, September 19, 2009

up the chic, baby

i have to admit something...i know bluetooth headsets are necessary, but they are typically ugly!!!
hubs has a few in particular, that i absolutely loathe!

but, well, apparently, i'm not the only one that thinks headsets are geeky...and unfashionable.

the cover of wired magazine this month has brad pitt {eye candy} sporting a headset...well, just look for yourself:
it says: "Rule No. 52 Ditch the headset. He can barely pull it off- and you are not him."

but the reality is that they are necessary and legally necessary in some areas, so well, if you have to sport one, why not find a cute one, right?!

this is the jawbone prime from aliph...the jawbone earcandy is super fun and full of summer colors...and well, bluetooth too, so why not?
got an extra $50k sitting around? well, do i have the headset for you. plantronics has the standard for much less, but this one is maxxed out wtih gold and was set for auction to raise money for the elle charities.
so for the normal people, here's a great option from fancy matters on etsy for a mere $73! it's full of sparkle and cute...
be safe...wear the headset...but do it in style. i'm off to find a bedazzler!

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