Sunday, September 13, 2009

how much left over?'s the good and the bad of having a little get together.
we just had a softball get together and there were 2 large packages of hamburger buns left over.

i got creative...and surfed the web for new ideas.
{i always make bread pudding with leftover bread, so i thought i'd try a few more things this time}

first raison french toast casserole from HERE
it's beautiful and delicious...and makes up the night before so it was perfect for a saturday morning breakfast before soccer games and a softball tournament! and i didn't feel too bad because it has apples and raisons in it and i served yogurt with fresh strawberries as a side. yummy to my tummy! cheese and onions creations from HEREliterally some blue cheese and diced onions on top of a bun and toasted until the cheese melts a bit in a toaster oven or broiler. delish!!! mexican pizzas!!!
super fun, easy and the kids love it!!! i altered a recipe i found HERE.
taco seasoned cooked meat {leftover is great}
shredded cheese
green peppers, onion olive for toppings
1 can tomato sauce or taco sauce
...and the famous leftover bunsplace the buns on the baking sheet open. spoon about a tablespoon of sauce on each bun. place meat and toppings on next. top with cheese. broil {or toast in toaster oven} until the cheese is melted.

well...enjoy some good old fashioned leftovers with hot dog and hamburger buns. we did!!!

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