Tuesday, May 11, 2010

picky eaters welcome here

it's hard when you have to feed picky eaters...when every meal is a battle and there seems to be tears when it's all suppose to just be fun.  here's a few really fun tips to make that picky eater a little happier...and hopefully, you too!

 start off with making meal times fun instead of dreaded.  super fun eating time for the kiddos...why not??!!

how about making the ordinary extraordinary...and using fun cutlery is a great way to do that!
trembibi has this awesome little set...and who doesn't want flatware that smiles back!!  $24
i love this idea from zak.com...a nibble tray with detachable lid!  it has 3 dipping compartments in the "leaves" that stay cool to hold all those different dips that picky eaters love.  it's even a great idea for those restaurant trips for the kiddos!
and since it's not all about the containers and about presentation, those eaters still need nutrition.  use what that eater will eat and put it in everything...for sofia, it was sweet baby ray's bbq sauce.  for some it's cereal.

golden fish sticks...with frosted flakes.

a hamburger with a face...

and my fav...mini shepherd pies with a smile

happy eating!!!
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