Friday, May 21, 2010

free summer family fun

with summer just around the corner, it's time to start planning some fun times...and those times have to be budget friendly.  here are a few great finds for free summer fun...

many large theater chains have free movie times for families and kids throughout the summer.  and it's super easy to find...head to the theater closest to you {{here's regal's site} for your showing dates, times and all the fun, free details!!!

bowling anyone?  2 games free each day of the summer per kid when you sign up at kids bowl free.

how about some hand-on fun building stuff?  lowes offers free clinics for kiddos most saturday's at 10am...and it's building fun stuff like race cars and catapults!!!  you have to register prior HERE but it's super fun...and free!  it builds kids confidence and they build something fun too!

home depot offers the same deal...between 9 and noon on the first saturday of the month.  check out home depot for more info.

add some arts and stores offer target free days at many museums around the country...take a look HERE for places near you.

so get on out there and have some good, old fashioned FREE fun!!!

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