Wednesday, December 9, 2009

{Season's Greeting}

This is the first year, ever, that I am not scrambling at the last minute to send out holiday greetings to those I love. Don't think it's because I'm UBER organized, because lately I have not been. It's because we had family pictures taken this year in October and the photographer was having a sale on holiday cards. So I happily hopped on that bandwagon and ordered set. My greeting cards are addressed, stamped and ready to ship as we speak!

But as I sit here, feeling all organized, I started thinking of my fellow seasonal procrastinators and I felt a need to help! I came across this wonderful paper company while reading {yes, I read...magazines} the December issue of Better Homes & Gardens. I love all kinds of stationary, especially letter pressed stationary, and Linda & Harriet offer a beautiful selection.
Here are a few samples of their Holiday Greetings.

I love their variety of traditional and a little more funky styles. Makes me want to order extra greeting cards just for the fun of it....For more greeting card selections click here.

Kacey R.

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