Thursday, December 10, 2009

{Gifts For The Writer or Book Lover}

I was looking for a particular journal for a friend's birthday gift and I finally tracked it down at Chronicle Books. I've never visited their site before and I was really amazed at all of the cool book options that they have for really everyone on your list from Kids to New Parents to Cooks to Crafters & Gardeners. They really have a lot of cool, interesting books and I just had to share. Plus, I found a PROMO CODE {gotta love that!}. If you create a NEW account with them, enter the CODE: GETBOOKS at checkout and receive 30% off your purchase AND FREE SHIPPING!

I really love the idea of a Gratitude Journal - a special place to keep good thoughts and blessings. This one offers prompts as well which I think is a great outlet to explore other things we are grateful for. $14.95

One Line A Day is a great way to keep track of thoughts and memories, a mini-journal if you will. $16.95

I was introduced to this book when I saw the Authors on Oprah. They made me laugh out loud and I can't wait to get my hands on this book! $18.95


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  1. I completed a gratitude journal many years ago. I should def. consider completing another one to see how my blessings have changed (or have stayed the same!)

    I esp. love the "One Line A Day" journal. It would also be a really good gift for a new mom. ;o)



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