Tuesday, October 20, 2009

good candy??

ok, so candy can't be good, but what about better than most?
i mean, the reality is that we're gonna eat it, so why not make good choices?

so here's some decent choices...

3 muskateers is much less fat than the typical candy bar, but a few more calories. all in all, it's a really good choice, though.

dove chocolates...one word: antioxidants {and dark chocolate}
i'm a lover of all things chocolate and dove does boast the lower calorie count than it's all chocolate competition, so that means i can eat a little and still eat about 50 calories less when eating a dove chocolate. i'll take it!

100 grand isn't that much better, but it is a little...and with the two bar option, you can set aside one for another day...but i never have the power to do it. instead, i share with hubs and then we only eat one. with the bit of less fat and calories than other leading brands, i get a little less and get a little crunch to go along with it.

nothing says delish to me after a good meal than york peppermint patties!!! i love those things. they are pretty low in calories and fat...loaded with sugar, but they are a small special treat and since there is only one, it's a good portion control choice.

it's not the best news, but well, it's better news, right?
happy candy-ing!

danyele @ a thorn among roses

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  1. You obviously love candy. So I'd like to suggest you consider a candy fundraiser with Easy Fundraising Ideas.

  2. Glad to see you love Dove chocolates! Have you tried Dove Chocolate Peanut Butter Promises yet?
    They melt in your mouth just as much as the Dark Chocolate!

    Thanks for your comparisons,
    Jackie from the Dove Chocolate team
    Twitter: Dove_Chocolate

  3. thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment.
    btw I just ate a fun size three musketeers. ;)


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