Monday, October 19, 2009

fall party menu for kids

a few fun fall party treats for the classroom that will make you a rock star...ok, well, maybe no one else has done them yet. who knows...but it's still pretty and fun!

spider brownies
make your standard box of brownie batter in a cake pan. then comes t
he addition of the spider web...
1 (3oz.) pkg. cream cheese, at room temperat
1/4 cup granulated sugar
2 tablespoon milk

mix together and pipe {or pour} in a circular pattern...then take a knife, starting in th
e center and pull out to the edge of the pan. repeat all the way around and viola...spider webbing!

bake per instructions on brownie box {approx 40 minutes} and cool.
wanna really freak them out? put a fun little play spider on top for effect!

witches brew soda
everyone needs a fun how about this fun fav? it's simple and easy too!!
ginger ale in a fun glass, topped with orange sherbet...and garnished with a few twizzlers! super cute and delish too!

cookies, cookies and more
and what's a party without super fun cookies? how about chocolate mice cookies??

these cute little guys are chocolate cookies crunched up and rolled in confectioner's sugar with almond slice ears! how cute! recipe HERE.

and white chocolate spritz cookies...yummo! recipe HERE.
and the old stand by...caramel apples, with a twist, of course!
are these not super cute and fun?!! recipe HERE.

go on now...get a move on...and show us your creations!!!!

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